Sunday, April 7, 2013

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yep. We're different.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Weighted Glute Kickbacks

Ok, ladies...I promised you this exercise a few weeks back so here it is.

I have done these glute kickbacks for a couple of years on and off, but since I've started training with the lovely Crystal...
over at AZPro Physiques
I do them 6 days a week and they have become a STAPLE in my routine for building a rounder, tighter booty.

A. Start on your hands and knees, facing away from the prone hamstring curl machine, one foot on the ground while pressing the foot upward, lifting the pad upward. Rest a moment at the top to really feel the contraction in your glute.
B. Return slowly down just shy of letting your knee touch the ground and repeat 10-15 reps before switching legs. (Do 3-4 sets total on each leg.)
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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Mixed Bag

So we’re still in February and you are dreading another run on the treadmill? It’s part of a common collection of wintertime blues. If you are finding it difficult to remain motivated at the gym while Old Man Winter flexes his muscles, the time is right to mix up your training. My normal training this time of year usually consists of watching ESPN on the treadmill while feeling like a hamster stuck in its exercise wheel. To beat the monotony of running, I’ve found that cross training has a wide range of benefits. I’ll highlight some of the alternatives that I’ve found recently.
I used to play hoops all the time in high school and college. Getting back to your adolescent roots certainly is refreshing. Plus being on a team really provides the camaraderie that individual sports just do not provide. I’ve recently found a great group of guys to play with regularly on Friday nights. Now this is my type of Guy’s Night Out! Plus it’s a girlfriend approved activity. Talk about scoring points on and off the court!
I’ll come out and say it. I just don’t think that most guys get enough massages. There certainly is a stigma that if you are a macho man (Sylvester Stallone) that receiving a massage would make a guy too feminine (Ryan Seacrest.) While I am neither macho nor feminine (Paul Walker), I do believe that balance is the key. I’ve been receiving regular sports massages and I can attest that my running has improved and the chance of injury has decreased. If you’re an athlete, then you really can’t expect more from lying around for an hour or so.
I’ve done yoga a handful of times before, but most recently I tried 90 minutes of hot yoga. What an experience! I found the heat to be tolerable and actually quite invigorating in the middle of winter. Sometimes a really good sweat can feel oh so good! But here’s a tip for the guys, don’t try to compete with the women in the classes. You are most likely going to lose and lose badly. This may be the one sport/exercise where guys need to feel comfortable taking a back seat. Does anybody remember Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King? I don’t but I Googled it.
Vegetable Medley
Do you remember those terrible vegetable medleys that you were coerced into eating as a kid? While those left a bad taste in your mouth, I think that if you give some sort of exercise alternatives a serious try, it will much more palatable. The winter season won’t seem so long and your body will thank you when spring finally does arrive!
-RJ Lott
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's the Deal With Ezekiel Bread?

Anyone who reads health and fitness magazines, blogs or websites has probably been introduced to Ezekiel text at least. So what IS Ezekiel bread and why is it a better choice than whole wheat or whole grain bread? Here's the lowdown:

What Is Ezekiel Bread?

Ezekiel bread is a bread made from sprouted grains. It's manufactured by Food for Life. According to the company, using live, sprouted grains increases the nutritional content of their breads and bread products. The term Ezekiel Bread comes from the book of Ezekiel in the Bible. (link to Ezekiel 4:9)

What Are Sprouted Grains?

Sprouting is the process of soaking seeds in order to bring about germination. Many seeds can be sprouted through this process. For instance, the most commonly known sprout is the alfalfa sprout. Wheat berries, spelt, rye and quinoa can also be sprouted. Food for Life uses a variety of grains in their Ezekiel bread products. According to Food for Life, sprouting is the only process that allows all of the nutrients in grain to be released. It also converts the glucose in grains to maltose, which may be more easily handled by the body without causing insulin spikes. It is for this reason that sprouted grain breads may be appropriate for some low carbohydrate diets and diabetic diets.

Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

When Food for Life sprouted the grains in the Bible verse and combined them, they found that the Ezekiel bread contained a complete protein similar to protein found in milk and eggs. The Bread contains all nine amino acids from vegetable protein sources. This makes it ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Ezekiel 4:9 bread is low in carbohydrates with just 15 net carbohydrates per slice of bread. The carbohydrates in the bread are of a more slow burning type that don't cause large spikes in blood sugar. It is a low glycemic index product that is appropriate for diabetic diets. It is also high in fiber.

The 4:9 bread contains sprouted wheat, barley and spelt so it is not gluten-free; however, Food for Life says that the active enzymes in the sprouted grains does make the gluten in it more digestible. People with gluten intolerance and Celiac disease should check with their health care provider and proceed with caution before trying the Ezekiel 4:9 bread products. Sprouting changes the way wheat is handled in the body. Check with your doctor if you have a wheat allergy.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

They Invented Cars

People are mysterious creatures. Supposedly, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It doesn’t depend where you are from; one thing is for certain, exercise is essential for every body (everybody). Of all the workouts available to humans, I prefer to run. You know, of the feet to pavement variety. Here are my top ten reasons why I choose to run:

10. Running is inexpensive. Most of the time, all that I need are a pair of shoes and shorts and a shirt. This allows me to write and not bounce, all of the checks to my exes. They live in Texas. Yee-haw!

9. If I choose to go all DB Cooper sometime in the future, I’ll be in tip top shape. I want to be prepared when I am on the lam. I hear that the arms of the law are long but I’d prefer to not find out.

8. I know the layout of my neighborhood better than anybody else. It’s truly amazing what you can find/see while running. It’s nearly impossible to see all the details while driving through residential neighborhoods at 30mph.

7. I’m trying to make chicken legs sexy. I feel like this revolution has quite the trip ahead of itself. How am I doing so far? BTW, do you ever notice that distance runners have proportionally larger heads? Maybe I am from Mars!

6. Running gives me a little caloric leeway. Hey, I like to eat. My number one food vice? Red licorice, hands down. I have the unfortunate ability to eat it by the pound and not notice.

5. I get to be alone. Don’t get me wrong, I am a super social guy. Running lets me think or lets my mind be free. Long runs are cheaper than therapy, so I’ve heard.

4. It gives me an excuse to have way too many shoes. As an overly macho guy, I need to have reasons to have a dozen plus pairs of shoes piled in my closet. Just don’t let the guys know, my street cred is at risk.

3. You ran how far today?” I continually amaze friends and family at distances covered while running. They’ll say that I don’t need to run so many miles. “They invented cars for that.”

2. I get a valid excuse to travel. I’ve raced in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Sacramento, Long Beach, San Diego and Phoenix. Running will allow me to chill by the pool in Phoenix come January. Ah the perks!

1. Someday, my future children will think that I am a rock star. Pheidippides, Jesse Owens, Steve Prefontaine, Josh Cox and RJ Lott. We are all running legends.

-RJ Lott
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